April 17th, 2010, 11:49 pm

Want a Career with Cloud Nine?

Cloud Nine has currently used up its hiring budget for the time being and can't hire any more new employees. Please watch this space for future openings.

Gene Kurosaki
General Manager, Human and Resources
4400 Oceanview Blvd.
Clifftop, By the Ocean 44666

If you are interested in any way, shape, or form, send a PM to Shoushou Hibiki with a picture (a sketch will suffice, or at least samples of your art) and a bio to apply for the job!

Current open positions are as follows:

Technicians/booth managers

We are looking for 0 more enthusiastic young person to join our closely knit crew at the park so send in your applications! It never hurts to try!

Things to include in the bio:

Why your character wants to/works at the park:

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